Elaina Paterakis at the beach

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Elaina Paterakis

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Compose with design.

It's a breeze.

Drag and drop.

Put text, links, photos, and more in their place.

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Beautiful components.

Whatever the screen, they just fit.

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Deploy with code.

It's easy.

5th generation content code.1

The living standard.

ECMAScript® 2022 logic code.2

The international standard.


You own your code. Export your website to only 3 files3 and take your code to any deployment platform.

Never obsolete. Because Hikium EC only builds websites, you choose the deployment platform and when it's time to upgrade.

Free. Priceless.

No cost, never and ever.

It makes brilliance.

View the hue the whole way around. Rotate and turn colours with filters.

Proximity algorithms ahead. Hikium EC detects when things are too close.

Your contrast copilot. Raw colour contrast ratios, calculated on the fly.

Work offline.

Compose anywhere, anytime.4

Private by design.

Your data5 never leaves your device.
We never see it.

Open-source at Hikium.

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Hikium Experience Composer website builder Coming in 2023

Early development version. Features may change before release.

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  1. Exported code compatible with the HTML Living Standard specification, a subset of HTML5.
  2. Exported code compatible with ECMA-262, 13th edition, June 2022. Actual implementation may differ from specification. ECMAScript® is a registered trademark of Ecma International.
  3. For websites with one (1) page and no images. Excludes EC files.
  4. Internet connection required to enable offline use. Compatible software required. Some features require an Internet connection.
  5. "Your data" means Web Storage. Privacy Statement...